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The Final Word On Steve Ott

To all the Stars fans who have said things like this:

The game replays and the video I have seen do not support a hit to the head, and it is questionable if he left his feet before the there other video out there that can show a hit to the head or more conclusive evidence?

And this:

At first glance I thought that Ott intended to injure, but when I looked again it was one of those unfortunate "he didn't do what I thought he was going to do" hits. It seemed that Ott was trying to time his hit but then missed the body and got the head. It happens. IMO Ott wasn't trying to injure.


I did not see anything even resembling a dirty hit by Ott on Sunday's rematch ... Leopold is an emabbrassment [sic] when it comes to durability. He should carry a purse instead of a stick he's such a wimp!


ott had him lined up, with every intention of finishing that check when he was all the way out at the faceoff dot. looked to me like he hit him with his shoulder, skates on the ice

And, finally:

Ott's hit wasn't dirty.

To all of you who, despite video and photographic evidence to the contrary, despite an injured Avalanche defenseman now suffering from concussion symptoms, and despite the ruling of an NHL administrator who made his decision after seeing several hits very similar to Ott's so far this season, still defend your favorite team's dirty player and deny the severity and illegality of the hit:


(Hat tip to Savage33 for finding the photo, courtesy of Taos Action Photos.)