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Stastny Out With Another Groin Pull

Sure enough, Paul Stastny left the game last night with what the Rocky Mountain News calls a "slight" groin pull.  

[ADDENDUM: I think it's worth noting that intrepid MHH member Bob in Boulder totally called this during the game last night, and this blog, via his astute observations, was on the case before anybody on Altitude or in either Denver daily said a word.  Good work, Bob.]

Stastny did not practice today because of it.  Honestly, does anyone on that team ever stretch?  The RMN says Son of Stastny will play on Saturday, but you have to assume that he probably won't, or he'll just hurt himself again.

Peter Forsberg did practice, so that kills my "hiding in a bunker" theory, but he won't play Saturday, nor will Adam Foote or Jordan Leopold.

At least Ryan Smyth is scheduled to suit up and rejoin the lineup against the Devils, so that's good.