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Game 73: Devils 4, Avalanche 2

photo courtesy of David Zalubowski/AP

I'll be totally honest with you.  I didn't watch much of this game, and I'm pretty glad that I didn't.  On paper, the game looks fairly even, with shots and hits being similar for both teams.  But on the scoreboard and between the pipes, it was all New Jersey.

Martin Brodeur set a new record today, winning his 40th game for the seventh time in his career---something no other goalie has ever done.  I guess this blog will have to up its game a bit if it's ever going to convince anyone.

I did watch enough of the game to see Ryan Smyth put a great shot on goal at the very end of the second period, but it was his only shot of the day and Brodeur's sweet glove save pretty much summed up the entire game.

If there's one bright spot about this loss, it's that Paul Stastny continues to be consistent as hell since he returned from his appendectomy/groin injury layoff.  He has four points in his last three games (1g, 1a against the Devils), and twelve points total in the twelve games he's been back.  That's not too shabby at all.

Jose Theodore didn't have a very good game, which was bound to happen sometime.  The guy's been a save machine for a long time now, so one bad showing shouldn't worry anyone.  If he blows up in the Minnesota game on Monday, then I'll ready my will and check my life insurance policy.

Let's just put this turd of a game behind us and move on.

One more thing, though.  I'm no longer entertained by Cody McLeod, and it's time Coach Q benched him for somebody that can actually contribute to the team's offense with grit that doesn't come across like a gimmick or a sideshow.  Cody McCormick, maybe?  Wyatt Smith?  Anyone?

Bueller?  Bueller?  

Monday's game against the Wild is a must-win, and I'm not just tossing that term around loosely.  Minnesota beat the Kings, so they're now tied with the Avs for first place in the Northwest.  It's time for them to go down.

Stars of the Game:

  1. Martin Brodeur (24sv, .923)
  1. Andrew Brunette (0g, 1a)
  1. Brian Gionta (0g, 2a)

Kittens Killed: