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Calgary wins, Colorado slips in the standings

I knew it was going to be a bad day. I flipped over to the Flames - Blackhawks game just after it had started. Literally, the moment after I tuned in, I heard "he shoots, he scores!" as Adrian Aucoin fired a rocket past a lackluster Patrick Lalime. I didn't have the stomach to watch much more, but it didn't matter; the Flames ended up winning 4-2.

With the Flames winning, the Avalanche slid from 6th to 7th in the Western Conference. A win on Monday will put them back on top of the NW. However, if they lose in regulation, the Canucks will be able to catch them (and move ahead by virtue of the tiebreaker) by beating the Coyotes.

There's just two NHL games on Monday - Avs - Wild and Canucks - Coyotes. Those 2 games could move the Avs into 4 different spots in the conference, if I have this right.

  • A win - regulation or OT - puts Colorado back into the 3rd seed

  • An OT loss would move them ahead of idle Calgary into 6th, 1 behind the Wild

  • A regulation loss and Vancouver loss (regulation or OT) leaves the Avs in 7th

  • A regulation loss and Vancouver win drops the Avs to 8th.

I did all of my calculations without a slide rule, so don't quote me or anything.