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Nashville Has It Easy

The Avalanche are now in eighth place in the West, clinging desperately to the final playoff spot.  The team closest to stealing it from them is the Nashville Predators.

Starting Friday, all but one of the 113 remaining games for every team in the NHL is against division rivals.  James Mirtle says this is bad for Colorado, but very good for Nashville:

In the west, for example, this is bad news for the Northwest Division teams, four of which are currently in playoff position. There are going to be fewer points to be had here, for instance, than in the Central Division, where as of now only Detroit is on pace to make the playoffs.

As Minnesota, Calgary, Vancouver and Colorado slug it out with each other to close the season, Nashville should have the relatively easy task of taking a few points from their division's bottom feeders.

Let's hope St. Louis and Columbus remember how to play hockey, if only for the last few games of the season.  The Avs will need all the help they can get.