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Reading Between the Lines Re-Revisited

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With all the controversy lately over who is playing where, I figured it might be a good idea to look again at how the lines are stacking up. Obviously, we've done this before. Twice, actually. Obviously, I think it's worth re-revisiting.

For reference, here's the 4 lines broken down on a game-by-game basis. Note that these are just even strength numbers.

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Line 4

Here's the performance to date:
1st line: 46g 64a 110pt +12
2nd line: 59g 76a 135pt +37
3rd line: 21g 34a  55pt +4
4th line: 13g 22a  35pt -16

As usual, I will be focusing on goals. Again, even strength only. To compare numbers to last year, I projected the totals out to 82 games. With just 8 games left, that shouldn't stretch the numbers too wildly.

Line 1: 51g 33% of scoring. LY: 55g, 33% (-7%)
Line 2: 65g 42% of scoring. LY: 53g, 32% (+23%)
Line 3: 23g 15% of scoring. LY: 36g, 21% (-35%)
Line 4: 14g 09% of scoring. LY: 24g, 14% (-40%)

It's difficult to compare line-to-line scoring from last year to this with all the changes in personnel throughout the year. But it is interesting to note just how top heavy we've become. This year, our top two lines are accounting for 75% of the scoring. Last year, things were spread out a little more evenly - just 65% by the top 2.

You don't really expect the 4th line to contribute much in the way of scoring. But you do need some punch from the 3rd line. In the first half, we had some - 14 goals. In the 2nd, as the line has shifted to more grinding players? Nada - just 7. The 3rd line has exactly 1 EV point in the month of assist by Marek Svatos in his final game of the season.

While I like Tyler Arnason, I don't really see the point in pairing him with Cody McCormick or Cody McLeod (or both!). He and McLeod have spent the last 11 games together, and neither player has registered a point at even strength. Perhaps it's not working? If only we had some wingers with scoring punch were available somewhere. Hmmm, I wonder where players like that could be...