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Who Will Save The Kittens?

The Avalanche power play has sucked all year.  It was third-worst in the league for a couple of months, then dropped a spot, then dropped to the bottom for a long time.  It's now back up to 29th overall (just barely ahead of those suckasses in St. Louis), but it still sucks.

It sucks so bad we even had to create a meme that involves killing poor, defenseless kittens just to express how bad it is.  Only a monster would kill a kitten.  Are the Avs monsters?  You do the math.

I'll do the math.  The Avalanche score on just 14% of their power play opportunities (43 goals in 308 chances), ten full percentage points below the best power play team in the league, Montreal.  While Western Conference teams don't have as much success with the man advantage, Detroit leads with over 20% and half the other teams are above 17%.  

Colorado ranks 20th in power play opportunities, but 29th in goals scored.  The team with the least opportunities, Tampa Bay (257) has scored more goals (49) and therefore has a much better percentage (19.1%).  Yes, that's right, Tampa Basement!  

With a top power play line composed of Peter Forsberg, Joe Sakic, Milan Hejduk, Paul Stastny and John-Michael Liles, the Avalanche should have one of the most dominant PPs in the entire league.  On paper, it matches up with (or surpasses) any other team's.  But nobody seems to want to shoot, always passing off the responsibility to the guy next to them as time runs out.  

Coach Quenneville thinks it's getting better, but it isn't.  The Avs went 1-6 against Minnesota on Monday night.  

Dater even called his bluff:

Quenneville said after Monday's loss that the power play "has been better the last few games."

But it couldn't have been much worse.

The simple fact is, the Colorado Avalanche---if they make the playoffs---will not succeed in the post-season without an effective, successful power play.  They will need to match Montreal's output and start scoring every four chances, instead of the 1 per 7.5 that they currently achieve.

Do it for the kittens, guys.  The kittens.