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Game 75: Flames 2, Avalanche 1

So the Avalanche didn't commit to the Yeti last night when they let the Flames win 2-1.  They have apparently committed to losing instead, having now dropped three games in a row in the midst of a critical final run for playoff positioning.  

The Avs are still in eighth place, despite all of this.  Luckily for Colorado, Nashville and Edmonton are having lots of trouble catching up, and the former still sits four points back in ninth place.  Edmonton is behind by five points and Phoenix is six points behind.

Funny how things work, Colorado plays Edmonton tomorrow and then again a week from today.  Even if the Avs lose both games to Edmonton, but tie with them for points at the end of the season, the Avs would get the nod for the eighth playoff spot because they would have a 10-7 advantage in points and a 5-3-1 record over Edmonton this season.  That is, of course, as long as neither Nashville nor Phoenix has stolen the eighth spot by then.

Playoff race aside, the Avs sucked last night, and the loss of Paul Stastny (flu) and Peter Forsberg (ill-conceived comeback), can't be blamed.  The Avalanche sucked on the power play as always, they were weak in their own zone for long stretches of time, and the first period was one of the least disciplined periods they've played all season.  If Coach Q instructed his players to clutch and grab to start the game, it backfired horribly.  They got called for penalty after penalty (obstruction calls like hooking and holding, of course) and the Flames scored two goals.  That's all they needed.

Jose Theodore played well after the first period, and I still can't find many reasons to criticize his recent performances.  Theo was in full Pimp Cane mode from the start of the second period to the end.  In the team's last two losses, Theodore's save percentage has been .93, so clearly it's not just his fault.  Allowing just two goals should be no problem for a team with the offensive power the Avs should have.  But Colorado was outshot 28 to 16, and Kipper just didn't have to work that hard to keep the Flames ahead.

And really, when you're relying on Ben Guite to supply your offense, you don't deserve to win.*  

I'm starting to think this roller coaster of a season can't be over fast enough.  I wish it was April 6th already.

Stars of the Game:

  1. Not the Avalanche

Kittens Killed:

*No offense to Ben, of course.  He's been one of my favorite players all season.