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Prozac Time

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I watched the Edmonton game.  Right up until it was 3-0.  Then I found other things to do with my time.  Later in the afternoon, I popped over to Jibbles' page and saw that he too was trying to keep from getting swallowed alive by the despair that is being foisted upon Avalanche faithful right now.  I have to agree with my fellow circle-jerkie: It ain't worth it to get dragged down by the current 'style' of play that the Avs seem content to dole out for multiple periods of game-play.  Why should I spew MORE vitriol against the current state of affairs when all it will serve is to cheapen the remainder of the season for me?  

Don't get me wrong, I still think there are some serious problems with this team, and I don't see much light at the end of the increasingly shortening tunnel.  Therefore, I'm planning on taking the remainder of the season with a glass-half-full approach, just to maintain my sanity (plus, I'm house shopping, so who needs more depression, am I right?).  Just to reiterate, NOBODY IS OFF THE HOOK.  We will commence with the autopsy of this season, but I wanna enjoy hockey and other, more important things.  Hell, I was so wrapped up in the recent trials and tribulations of Avalanche Country, that I missed Ovie's 60th.  There, are you happy Colorado?  You robbed me of joy, but NO MORE!  In solidarity with my blogging brethren, I plan to, in the immortal words of Maestro Bobby McFerrin: