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Saving Kittens

I like kittens.

Our own kitten, Lucky, has some issues (such as knocking water glasses off the kitchen counter), but she's still cool. I hate to see good kittens go to waste which is why our kitten killing power play futility has been a season long annoyance.

The Avs PP, of course, has been dreadful all season long. The low point of the season was the 13.0% the team had back on January 12th. They floundered around a bit before climbing to 14.7% on February 9th (that was around the time of the TJ Hensick mini-outburst). From that game, the Avs PP dropped steadily again, reaching 13.1% - effectively the 2nd lowest point of the season - on March 9th against the Stars. Since then, though, the PP has been surprisingly effective - 7 for 31, or a 22.5% success rate - and the team's PP has climbed all the way up to 14%. That's good news for fans of fluffy bundles of love.

Hockey fans know just how important special teams' play is to a team's success. But I had no idea just how big a swing there was in the Avs' game. Indeed, the Avalanche have a solid 18.4% PP rate (34-185) in their wins and a lowly 8.1% (11 for 136) in their losses. Wow. The Avs are a whopping 26-8-2 when scoring at least 1 PP goal, and 14-23-4 when riding the PP short .

26-8-2. It seems rather simple: score a PP goal and we've got a 72% chance of winning. And, lately, we've been doing just that - we've notched a PP goal in 8 of the last 11 games. Very quietly, our PP is creeping towards respectability.

We're not saving all of the  title=, but even sparing a few more than normal is enough to warm my heart...and to win some hockey games.