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Lines tonight (Van @ Col)

The Avalanche won the last game, so, predictably there are no changes to the lines to start this game:

  • Sakic, Wolski, Brunette

  • Stastny, Smyth, Hejduk

  • Arnason, Forsberg, Jones

  • Guite, McLeod, Laperriere

  • Sauer, Finger

  • Liles, Hannan

  • Leopold, Salei

Tonight's game is on the NHL Network, which means many of you outside of the Denver area aren't seeing the game. Although that's a travesty, there is some good news: Pierre McGuire is doing the game. Even worse, he's at ice level which seems to ramp up his annoyance level exponentially. Still, it's absolutely ridiculous that the NHL would allow such a key game to be shown on such a limited market. Too bad no one cares about hockey, or there'd be an outcry on par with the protests against the NFL Network's exclusive games last fall...