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Roys Will Be Roys (Wah Wah Wah)

It's been a few days, and the story is starting to fade, but I figured I'd post a quick summary of what the Denver hockey writers have said about the whole Patrick Roy/Jonathan Roy brawl.

The Rocky Mountain News only ran the AP story on the Roys being suspended, and no other commentary that I could find.  It's pretty cut-and-dry:

Goalie Jonathon [sic] Roy was suspended seven games for barreling into Bobby Nadeau and repeatedly hitting him. The suspensions were effective immediately and could go into next regular season.

The elder Roy, who was on the bench, denied playing any role in the melee, although he appeared to urge on his son with a wave.

That we know.  

At the Denver Post, it was a bit more personal, with both Terry Frei and Adrian Dater offering their own perspectives on the incident.  Frei cites his experience with junior hockey, and doesn't approve of teenagers fighting or of Patrick Roy's participation in the whole mess:

It's this simple: There's something wrong with the tacit approval of fighting involving teenage players. As at the NHL level, proponents argue that embracing the "honorable" one-on-one, five-minutes-for-fighting confrontation as a necessary part of the game is not the same thing as encouraging brawls, whether those involving everyone on the ice in this era, or the bench-emptying circuses of yore. But when talking about major junior, that's disingenuousness.

Plus, this incident seems to show that Patrick Roy, like his son, still has some growing up to do.

A wag of the finger, it appears.

Dater, on the other hand, has a more "Patrick Being Patrick" kind of take on everything, and offers a pretty interesting personal account of the famous Roy and his once-little son:

But like I said, I’m not at all surprised. Roy’s temper was legendary, and I experienced that firsthand, several times. He blew up at me several times, probably the biggest being after I wrote of his also-legendary incident when he smashed up the office of Bob Hartley in 1999, in Anaheim.

Roy smashed up Hartley’s office with his goalie stick, after being pulled briefly in a game, one in which the Avs won but Roy didn’t get credit for the victory. The Avs did a good job of keeping it quiet, but a few days later I got word of it and wrote about it. Roy not only came after me, he went on a kind of witch hunt around the team as to who leaked it. A few people were falsely accused, and it was a full-blown circus in the locker room for a while. Things blew over, but it strained relations between him and a couple players for a while.

Interesting stuff, to say the least.  

Honestly, I'm not surprised Roy and his son were involved in an incident like this, especially knowing Roy's legendary temper and his total control over the Quebec Remparts organization.  Roy is very much a dictator, and you have to expect that he orders his players to reflect his own temperament on the ice.  That's part of the reason the Remparts have been so successful since Roy took over.  It's also the reason this incident occurred.

I think Patrick Roy will weather this storm, and in a year or so, nobody will remember the brawl and his role in it will be forgotten.  His son, however, I worry about, because he doesn't have the immense natural talent in net that his father had, which leaves only his reputation as a person to fall back on.  And that's been sullied.