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Statistical Awareness

                                                 Lazy Clipart vol. II      
A recent Hockey News article laments the rise of statistics in hockey.  I don't know how Draft Dodger or Joe feel about this subject, but I for one enjoy actual, informative statistical analysis.  To be fair, the ludicrous examples given in the article aren't the kind I'm talking about.  Tweaks to how +/- is considered, the number of blocked shots in penalty killing situations, face-off percentages in different zones and different situations, penalty +/-, etc. are all informative, valid stats, in my opinion. If nothing else, they serve to stimulate conversation and argument on the intrawebs, which is the real reason most of us are here anyway. Some of my favorite stats sites this season (besides the gregarious DD's work on this lovely corner of cyber-space) have been:

  • The Forechecker - Statistical musings mixed in with the Preds talk,
  • Behind the Net - a wealth of info in pretty user-friendly tables,
  • STATS NHL Blog - lots of interesting number crunching, and of course,
  • HockeyDB - Easy-to-use player look-ups and all-time lists.

So what are some of your favorite sites? What NHL stats deserve a fresh look or some tweaking? Are they even needed?