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The Avs Are Officially Cursed

The possibly major injuries to both Marek Svatos and Ryan Smyth on Saturday night are just two in a growing pile of physical catastrophes that have faced the Colorado Avalanche this season.

But honestly, how bad has it been?

Pretty bad.  The Avalanche team members, as a whole, have lost 251 games to injury this season.  That total includes Karlis Skrastins, who suffered a shoulder separation early in the year but has since been traded.

As far as an individual breakdown, the numbers below assume that neither Ryan Smyth nor Marek Svatos will play again this season, as is the case with Brett Clark (shoulder dislocation).  The numbers also assume that those three would have played in all of the remaining games.  Cody McCormick, who would have likely been re-assigned to Lake Erie had he not been hurt, is not included in the count.  Illnesses and healthy scratches are also not included.

The individual injuries and number of games missed are as follows:

Tyler Arnason (wrist): 12
Milan Hejduk (back): 5
Ian Laperriere (knee): 12
Joe Sakic (hernia): 38
Ryan Smyth (neck, ankle, shoulder): 37
Paul Stastny (appendix, groin): 15
Marek Svatos (groin, knee): 20
Brett Clark (shoulder): 24
Kyle Cumiskey (groin): 17
Jeff Finger (hand): 4
Jordan Leopold (hip, wrist, leg): 27
Kurt Sauer (concussion): 28
Karlis Skrastins (shoulder): 12

That's pretty bad.  I'm not sure where Colorado ranks in the league for games lost to injuries, but I assume they're either in first place or very close to it.

This season has been cursed.  And I'm not sure Peter Forsberg made the best decision in the world when he decided to come back to Colorado.  If his ankles weren't fragile enough, I have a feeling they'll literally explode once he plays in a game on Pepsi Center ice.