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Game 80: Avalanche At Wild, Preview And Open Thread

Just in case you don't grasp the pure insanity of this final little bit of the season, consider the following facts:

  • The Avs can still win the Northwest Division title.
  • The Avs can still finish fourth in the division.
  • The Avs can start the Western Conference playoffs in the third seed.
  • The Avs can miss the playoffs entirely.

That's ridiculous.

As for personnel in tonight's game, despite being "out of gas" at the end of regulation against the Oilers two nights ago and then skipping the next day's practice, Peter Forsberg made the trip to Minnesota with the team and is expected to play.  Maybe he was out of gas because Coach Q played him more than 22 minutes in regulation (he didn't play in overtime).  Probably not a good idea, Coach Q, three assists or not.  If the Avs make the playoffs, they're probably going to need a very healthy Foppa around.

The rest of the team appears to be up and running just fine.  Jordan Leopold is expected to return soon, and then poor Kyle Cumiskey can finally finish out the season in Lake Erie instead of wasting his wheels in the press box.

The game starts at 4:00 PM Mountain time, 6:00 PM Eastern.  Is this a must-win?  Don't answer that.

ESPN preview.