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Francois Giguere is Okay I Guess

Ken Campbell at the Hockey News ranks the general managers:

  1. Francois Giguere, Colorado

Giguere inherited a franchise on the decline more than a year ago and while he hasn’t exactly vaulted it back into contender status, he has done an admirable job of righting things in Colorado. Despite his inexperience, he showed a certain amount of veteran savvy last summer when he identified Ryan Smyth and Scott Hannan as the two unrestricted free agents he wanted and proceeded to go out and get them. Getting Forsberg and Adam Foote at the deadline were easy moves given their history with the Avs. Giving Brett Clark a $2-million raise and making him a $3.5-million-a-year defenseman was the mother of all head-scratchers.

Hat tip to Kukla.