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Game 67: Kings At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread

Good lord this game is important.  First of all, the Canucks and the Avalanche are tied at 74 points, with Vancouver's superior win percentage giving them seventh place in the Western Conference and Colorado, eighth. Nashville, still stuck just outside the bubble, also has 74 points and faces Edmonton tonight---so it's critical that the Avs win.

Second of all, tonight Peter Forsberg will make his triumphant return to the Pepsi Center once again wearing the Burgundy and Blue (only in a more ugly, aprony form).  How much ice time he'll see and on which lines is yet to be determined, but it doesn't really matter.  The Can is going to be crazy the second he hits the ice.

Said Ian Laperriere upon learning that Foppa will be on the bench tonight:

"He's playing? It's great news. It's Christmas again."

To all the MHH members who will be at the game, know that I am jealous beyond description and I hate all of you.  In a good way.

The third reason this is a huge game is because it's my birthday, and one of the best presents I can imagine receiving is Forsberg scoring two goals and three assists and leading the Avs to a 6-0 win over the Canucks.

And what about those Canucks?  Says Dater:

The Canucks are a fraud, and Dave Nonis was outfoxed by everyone at the deadline, only getting a stiff named Matt Pettinger. They can’t score goals, and Luongo is good, but not invincible.

Nonis made a great trade getting Luongo for the gutless, wimpy, fraudulent, awful player named Todd Bertuzzi (Hey Bert, have fun signing your entire life savings over to Steve Moore in a couple years. Oh yes, trust me, it’s coming, "dude"). But he hasn’t addressed Vancouver’s woeful offensive issues since and they are going to fall apart before long.

Hot damn.  That's some good stuff right there.

The game starts at 7:30 PM Mountain time, 9:30 PM Eastern.  I have no doubt that everyone will be watching this tonight, so if you're not sitting in The Can, you had better be sitting in front of a computer contributing to this game thread.  Word.

ESPN preview.