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The REALLY Missing H-Link

Not quite a milk carton...

Seriously, this guy is more important to the continued success of the Avs than Hlinka? In what universe does that make sense?  Other than looking tough, what skill does Parker possess that Jaroslav Hlinka doesn't have in spades?  I'm not bagging on Parker, don't get me wrong.  However, Hlinka's continued healthy-scratch status boggles my mind.  You can use Wyatt Smith, Brad Richardson, Karlis Skrastins, etc. as examples of management's/coaching's lack of competent talent evaluation, but for my money, you're looking at the player who's gotten the biggest raw deal of all from the schizo coaching behind the Avs bench.  

The Avs are currently putting all of their eggs in one basket in order to try and get the franchise back to the promised land in the playoffs.  There has been an infusion of talent with Salei, Forsberg, and Foote, but one of the most talented guys on the roster for the bulk of the season is watching these critical games from the press box.  It's not like he hasn't scored or contributed offensively this season, because he has.  Hell, 25 points with the linemates he's been saddled with is moderately impressive, in my book.  He's also been pretty decent on D (+7, 3rd among forwards behind Svats and Son of Stastny) since he was drawing quality PK minutes for most of the season (5th on the team among forwards behind Guite, Lappy, SoS, and the Duke).  So what gives?  Any theories that don't include wives, photographs, or kitten sacrifices?  My pet theory is that the choice between him and Arny is seen as a toss-up by the coaching staff, and Q has a favorite.

How about this:  Why do we need McLeod, Parker, AND Lappy in the lineup?  What do McLeod and Parker do that Lappy doesn't do already?  Why not add an actual scoring threat to the bottom half of the lineup and get Hlinka out there with Lappy and Guite?  We've seen that Lappy and Guite can finish when given the chance, and we know that Hlinka has some of the best hands on the team, and when given the chance will create offense, and isn't a defensive liability.  Why isn't he playing?  I can't even begin to wrap my head around it.  If someone sees something I don't, please enlighten me, because this has been stewing in the back of my mind for a couple of days now.  Help a brutha out...