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Game 70: Avalanche At Stars, Preview And Open Thread

The rematch.

I bet the Stars are pretty pissed they blew that game last night.  I bet they're going to try harder to win.  I also bet that the Avs will be trying hard, too, because a win tonight (and a loss by Minnesota) would move Colorado to first place in the Northwest Division.

I'm posting this kind of early, so I don't know for sure if Peter Forsberg, Adam Foote or Jose Theodore will be playing tonight.  There was some question about whether Foppa could handle back-to-back games on his vulnerable ankle, and while Foote is not seriously hurt, his hip could probably use some more rest.  They're both effectively day-to-day.

Coach Q has a tendency to play his goalies in games on back-to-back days, but hopefully he'll have the sense not to wear out Jose Theodore with so many games left to play.  And Peter Budaj could use a refresher course.

I'll update later when more is known.  

UPDATE: Forsberg is out with a groin injury, according to ESPN.  You had to know this was going to happen.

The game starts at 6:00 PM Mountain time, 8:00 PM Eastern.  

ESPN preview.