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Skoula injured

Per Mike Russo of the Star-Tribune, another member of the Wild's defensive corp is nursing an injury:

Things just got a whole lot worse for the Wild as it was revealed defenseman Martin Skoula has a "sore leg." He’s considered possible for tomorrow.

I'm sure there will be a lot of "they're better without him" jokes, but that's selling him way to short. As Russo says...
If Skoula’s out, the Wild is in bigtime trouble. It’s that simple. If the defensemen for the rest of the series are Kim Johnsson, Brent Burns, Petteri Nummelin, Keith Carney, Sean Hill and Erik Reitz, who was officially recalled on an emergency basis today (doesn’t count toward one of the four callups), the Wild is in bigtime trouble.

In related Skoula news, Joe found a nice photo of that flagrant crosscheck Skoula put on Jones last night. I'm still not jumping on the "biased-ref" bandwagon, but that was a rather large non-call...