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Skoula is skating today

According to Mike Russo, Skoula is skating this morning. This means two things to me - he's got a good chance at playing tonight, and I am spending far too much of my time writing about Martin Skoula.

EDIT: Russo has since updated his update. Skoula is in tonight. And there was much rejoicing...


Aaron Voros says he’s playing, but Chris Simon thinks he’s playing, too. So I assume one is mistaken, unless Sheppard sits and he the Wild goes with three centers.

Sheppard was called out by Lemaire after the Sakic game winner, so a scratch wouldn't be unheard of. Note that Voros and Finger have a history together going back to 2004. Voros and Simon along with Boogaard and Fedoruk seems like a bit of overkill, though, doesn't it?