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Bad bounce sinks the Avs

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When Minnesota's Kurt Foster was injured going back to touch up on an icing play, there was a renewed call for the league to institute a no-touch icing rule. Had that rule been in place tonight, the game might still be going on. Jeff Finger goes back to grab an iced puck but the puck takes a funny bounce. Finger is stuck on the wrong side of the net and Brian Rolston gets to the puck first, negating the icing penalty. He finds Pierre-Marc Bouchard in front to win the game for the Wild.

This series has been unbelievably tight. Either team could have won any of these three games. The Wild now have two, though, and the Avs will have their backs against the wall when they take the ice about 21 hours from now. And, honestly, the Colorado players looked completely gassed in OT. This may not end well...

Full recap in the morning...