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How To Screen A Goalie - Avery Style

I have to preface this by saying that Sean Avery and I are not close.  We're not tight bros.  I like him a little bit more now since he's no longer dating my ex-girlfriend, but I still think he's kind of a chump.

That said, he has developed a new tactic for screening the goalie, a tactic that isn't illegal, believe it or not.  The fact that doing this never occurred to anyone before is absolutely impossible to comprehend.

Keep an eye on him in the first minute of the video (he's in front of Brodeur), and then watch the more detailed examination that starts around the 1:30 mark:

Why has nobody ever done this before?  Yeah, it's annoying, and sure, it's silly-looking, but talk about effective.  The fact that the Devils defense just let him stand there and do it is amazing, too.

Sean Avery, hockey innovator.  Who would have thought?

Maybe Ryan Smyth can add this tactic to his arsenal of in-the-crease hijinks.  With the series tied at 1-1 and both games ending in overtime, every little thing counts.

/sarcasm (for anyone who may have missed it)

UPDATE: The league didn't waste time on this one.  They've already amended the Unsportsmanlike Conduct rule to specifically ban antics like Avery's.

(hat tip to the Pensblog)