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WCQ Game 4: Wild At Avalanche, Preview And Open Thread

I think we've just about covered all the things the Avalanche needs to address as they prepare for this game in the last two posts.  The power play must score.  Tyler Arnason must sit.  Jeff Finger should sit or see a major reduction in ice time.  Peter Forsberg must be wrapped head-to-toe in ace bandages and ice (no word on whether or not he'll play tonight).  And the Avs can't sit back on a lead---EVER AGAIN.

Factors that will surely play into tonight's game for both teams:

The Avalanche

  1. Losing two in a row stings.  Time for redemption.
  1. Still at home.  The team can feed off the fans if they want to.
  1. Lappy, Smyth and Wolski have been great.
  1. The altitude, maybe.

The Wild

  1. Winning two in a row means forward momentum.
  1. Cheap play and hard hitting have worked so far.
  1. Gaborik is itching to score.
  1. Backstrom plays his best in OT.

The game is late again tonight, starting at 8:00 PM Mountain time, 10:00 PM Eastern and will air on Versus.  I'm hitting a baseball game this evening but I'll be back in time for the Avs game, of course.  We had a smaller turnout for last night's game.  Tonight let's get back above 300 comments if we can.  And keep your chins up!  This thing ain't over yet.

ESPN preview.