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Now That's Comedy!

Sprinkled throughout the 400+ comments to Mike Russo's blog today are calls for (or just speculation about) Marian Gaborik to be traded from the Wild.

Man, the guy scores 40 goals in the regular season but has a rough playoff series and the fans are already tossing him under the bus.  Even if Paul Stastny failed to score a single point in this series, would any of us be calling for his ouster?  

I understand being frustrated with an under-performing star player, but any team in the league would be happy to have Mary Anne in their lineup, so talking about dumping the poor guy seems a little impulsive to me.  Not that I don't encourage it.  I think the Avalanche could probably make some room on the bench for another gifted, sissy foreigner if Gaborik had to find a new home.

ADDENDUM: And the hate comes in buckets, apparently.  Keep pouring it on.

ADDENDUM 2: I just want to point out, to anyone who hasn't already noticed this themselves, that the Minnesota fan base is more concerned about defending their goon enforcers Derek Boogaard, Todd Fedoruk and Aaron Voros than they are about keeping one of only two players on their team capable of scoring more than 20 goals a year.

Wild fans = pure entertainment.