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The Calgary Flames Are Selfish

Sure, all the matchups for the second round of the Western Conference playoffs could have been determined last night.  But the Calgary Flames, in a self-absorbed tantrum, beat the San Jose Sharks 2-0 to tie their series at three games apiece.

Don't they know they should be choking right now?  This is the first round for crying out loud!

Detroit beat Nashville and Dallas eliminated the former champion Ducks last night.  Only those two winning teams are the possible opponents for the Colorado Avalanche in the second round.  Detroit, the 1st seed, would play Calgary if they beat the Sharks, while the Stars would play the Avs.  If Calgary loses, the Sharks face the Stars and everyone would be treated to a Wings-Avalanche post-season rivalry restoration.

Personally, I don't think I'm ready for that.  I'd prefer the Avs take on the Stars in the next round, beat them, then face the Wings in the Western Conference Finals.  That's where the rivalry was the best (or worst), anyway.  

Calgary and San Jose face off in game 7 of their series on Tuesday night at 10:00 PM Eastern.  Then we can get the second round show on the road.