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Round 2 predictions

Perhaps the most stunning news from the first round of the playoffs is that I was surprisingly good with my predictions. I got all the winners in the West right and only missed the two series in the East that went to 7 games. I think that sets some sort of personal record for me. Or something.

Here are my thoughts on round 2:

New York over Pittsburgh in 7: I think this is going to be a wild, back-and-forth series with the Rangers winning game 7 after 8 overtimes.

Montreal over Philadelphia in 5: The Habs have survived their first round scare and I think the wake-up call they received from Boston will help them. Also, I'm assuming someone has noticed by now that Daniel Briere likes to sneak to the far side of the net.

San Jose over Dallas in 6: I don't know why I keep picking the Sharks. I guess I keep assuming the team will suddenly grow a backbone. The Sharks should beat the Stars easily, but, of course, they should have easily dispatched the Flames as well.

Colorado over Detroit in 7: Two teams with a lot of depth up front and excellent goaltending (you won't read any Chris Osgood slams here). The Wings have some weaknesses towards the bottom half of their blueliners - similar to the situation with the Wild.