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There Is No Goalie Controversy

There is no controversy.  Jose Theodore has gone 28-36 (saves-shots) against Detroit.  Peter Budaj has gone 39-40.  Peter Budaj is clearly the better goalie at this moment and should start game 3, without a doubt.

And that is exactly why Coach Quenneville will do the opposite:

Quenneville said Jose Theodore will start Game 3 for Colorado. He has allowed eight goals on 36 shots. Peter Budaj has stopped 39-of-40 shots. But Theodore deserves another start, Quenneville said.

"He's our guy, and he had a good stretch for us. I think these extra couple days of rest are going to do wonders for him," Quenneville said.

Lest anyone forget, Coach Q is not a very good coach, and is most certainly the wrong one for the Colorado Avalanche.  Just in case anyone had convinced themselves that maybe he was doing an okay job, shame on you.

There is a fine line between principled consistency and flat-out, floor-licking insanity.  I just hope Theodore can find his Pimp Cane.  He knows he left it somewhere.