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Where'd I put that shaving kit?

The Avalanche again showed some really big flashes mixed in with boneheaded idiocy. For the 3rd straight game, the Avs dug themselves a hole they couldn't get out of. Tyler Arnason appears to be playing with leg irons strapped to his ankles, the Avalanche lost another key player to injury (Paul Stastny) and the officiating was absolutely terrible. None of that really matters, as the Avalanche could have overcome all of that by playing smart hockey for sixty minutes. They didn't and the breakdowns cost them. Again. The Avalanche now have lost 8 straight 2nd round games.

In the "good news for next season" department, TJ Hensick and David Jones both had terrific games. I assume we will see that pair again on Thursday and much more of the pair next season. This season, though, is all but finished.

Oh, and memo to Vs: Get a clue. That was one of the most horribly produced games I've ever seen, taking me back to those brutal first few games when you guys were OLN and had your graphics drawn by colorblind orangutans. Several penalties weren't shown at all, and the ones that were had to wait until after the 70 millionth promo for some bull riding thing in Des Moines. Just because you are covering a bush league doesn't mean your production needs to be.