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Goalie Thoughts

I'll preface this by saying I didn't see Games 1 or 2 due to work deadlines and moving into our new house.  That being said, I'm 50-50 on the goaltending situation going into Game 3.

The way I see it, it boils down to two opposing views:

• Theo was sick in Game 1, still feeling the after-effects in Game 2, and likely still not 100% going into Game 3.  If that's the case, Boots should be in net tonight.  The logic?  You can't win with a sick goalie.
• Theo was sick in Game 1, wasn't quite up to the level he needed to be in Game 2, but is 100% ready to go tonight in Le Can.  Theo should start tonight. The logic? Theo is the #1 goaltender for the Colorado Avalanche (my fingers actually cramped typing that).

Now, from where I'm sitting, Theo should be in net.  That's assuming he's healthy.  He's the starter.  This isn't Hasek/Osgood.  Boots and Theo haven’t been a 'tandem' since December.  Theo is the #1.  #1 goalies bounce back from bad games.  More importantly, #1 goalies get the chance to bounce back from bad games.  He needs to swing the Pimp Cane with renewed vigor and flourish tonight and get the Avs back into this series.

On another note, Q's insistence on playing the game in neutral with Forsberg and Wolski (who is the more important of the two, IMO) out is inexcusable.  Jack Adams? My A-double-S! More like Jack Daniels.  As in, if I have to watch that crap like back in December/January, I'm going to get hammered out of my gourd.

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