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Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week... watch playoff hockey.  Or to be an Avs fan.

At this point, with the Avs down three games to none, crippled by a constant string of injuries and a starting goalie who can now officially be labeled "done," things couldn't get much worse.  At least we can point to injuries as a major reason for the collapse.  Sharks and Rangers fans don't have that luxury.

Dater adds:

Just add Paul Stastny to the latest Avs injury list. There’s only one game left in the season for the Avs to sustain any more injuries, however, so it’ll all be over soon.  This really is ridiculous, the number of injuries that came in bunches this year.  I’m serious when I say this, I think the Avs need to hire some more medical personnel next year. Whether it’s a yoga guru or a faith healer or whatever, their players need to stay healthier if they’re ever going to win a Stanley Cup again.  I know injuries are freak things, and maybe nothing could have prevented them. But if I’m the owner of the team, I would want to look into this and just try to figure out something that’s going to maybe make a little difference health-wise in the future.

Anyway, in recognition of the pain and suffering we, as Avalanche fans, have all felt these past three games (and most of the regular season), I think these clips from Airplane! are pretty appropriate: