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The West is almost settled

The first round matchups in the West are shaping up. Dallas and Nashville both lost last night, finalizing their spots as well as the seeding of the Anaheim Ducks. The only spots contested now are 6th and 7th. If Calgary doesn't win tonight, the Avs will be locked into 6th (and a first round date with Minnesota). If the Flames do win, the Avs will still be in 6th with a win or overtime loss on Sunday to the Wild. As I mentioned yesterday, the Avs still could catch the Stars, but the chances of that happening are so slim that several places (including the AP) are saying the Stars have clinched 5th. Who am I to argue?

Here's your matchups:

  • Nashville vs Detroit

  • Calgary / Colorado vs San Jose

  • Colorado / Calgary vs Minnesota

  • Dallas vs Anaheim