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State Of The Blog: April Edition

Unless I've totally missed the point, the goal of every blogger is to expand his or her readership and be seen by an ever-growing number of people.  There's a lot of ego involved.  I'd be a liar if I didn't admit that it's nice to have other people read and respond to things I write, and to take those things seriously enough to argue with me about them.  For a guy that only wears underwear and lives in his mom's basement, that's not half bad.

It's also nice to piss off sports radio hosts to the point that they call you (and "blogging" in general) out on the air---then try to jump on the bandwagon less than two months later with their own half-assed attempt.  There's a special kind of inner glee I derive from that.

Mile High Hockey set new site records for visitors and page views in April.  13,160 unique visitors.  37,014 page views.  Not too shabby for a team-specific hockey blog that's only been around since the end of last July.  MHH is by far the most popular hockey blog on the SB Nation network and hasn't even benefited yet from the improvements of the new platform that will take effect in a few weeks.  Of course, traffic will likely decline in the coming weeks with the end of the hockey season and the departure of the Red Wings fans that now dutifully read every word that is written here.  We'll miss those guys, for sure.  But the upward trend in traffic does not seem to be a fluke, and the future looks bright.

It's probably not necessary but I have to say once again that none of the fun we have here is possible without the members who leave such witty, insightful, and sometimes ridiculous comments, and keep the game threads going even when I'm not around.  You guys and girls are awesome.  Don't ever change.

So even though our favorite hockey team seems ready to crash and burn in spectacular fashion just when we thought things were finally starting to turn their way, at least we can glow in the glory that is the community of fans we've fostered here---even if we don't all agree about everything (or anything).  Let's keep this site growing, and most importantly, let's keep it fun!