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The New Platform Looms Large

The time for the switch to the new platform is fast upon us.  We've finally received word that Mile High Hockey will be transfered to the new, fancy version of SB Nation on Tuesday, May 20th.  That's one week from today for those of you without a calendar.

So what will this mean?

It will mean that next Tuesday the site will look totally different when you stop by for your morning visit.  The URL will remain the same, however.  You will see a post on the front page detailing all of the changes and the steps you will have to take to create a new user account and "claim" your old one (so that your old comments and diary posts appear under the new account---even if the name hasn't changed).  

Trust me, this is going to be very cool for me, for Mike and DD, and for you as visitors and members of this here blog.  You'll even get your own avatar!  Woo!

Again, if you're not familiar with what it will look like, check out other fine SB Nation blogs like Bleed Cubbie Blue and Mile High Report (just as two examples).

Act excited.