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Sleeping With The Enemy?

Add another name to the list of candidates for the Colorado Avalanche head coaching position:  Todd McLellan.  Who is Todd McLellan?  Why, he's one of the assistant coaches with the Detroit Red Wings.

If you want to know more about his resume, read Terry Frei's article (linked above).

From what I can tell, this is the current short list for Joel Quenneville's old job (in only somewhat particular order), according to the actions of Francois Giguere and the astute journalistic hounds at the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News:

  • Pat Burns
  • Todd McLellan
  • John Tortorella
  • Patrick Roy
  • Kevin Dineen
  • Ron Wilson (doubtful)
  • Bob Hartley (highly doubtful)

Personally, I don't care where a guy used to coach.  If Mike Babcock was looking for a job I'd trust Francois Giguere would pursue him, too, because Babcock is a good coach and that's what the Avs need.  It's not like Peter Forsberg playing for the Red Wings or Darren McCarty playing for the Avalanche.  Players are different, at least in my mind, empty though it is.

ADDENDUM: Speaking of Detroit coaches:

Q I apologize for opening with a Provincial question, but do you have any reaction to what happened to Joel Quenneville at Colorado?

COACH MIKE BABCOCK: Good for Joel. He’s a hot commodity now, and he’s out in the market. I think he’s a heck of a coach. I think he does a good job. He got his team two of the last three years out of the first round.

They were really hurt this year, and he still managed to do it. So I mean, probably he and his family didn’t want to leave, but in saying that, it will be new opportunity. He’ll get a great deal and probably with a good team.

So all the power to him.

Hat tip to Kukla's Korner for the interview.