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The first of many Forsberg updates

I'm already settling myself in to a long summer of "will-he-or-won't-he" news about Peter Forsberg. It should be abundantly clear to everyone out there that Forsberg still has a strong will to play, but can't seem to convince his body to get in line.

After the season ended, it seemed like Foppa was done. Not so fast, boys and girls. I just stumbled across an hfboard post linking to a Swedish paper that has him leaning towards coming back. I don't speak Swedish, but running the page through google translator works okay. The gist is that Forsbeg had his feet looked at by a doctor and that the thinking is he could hold up to the rigors of another NHL season without surgery.

I have no idea about the validity of the paper (or the doctor), but this would appear to be good news for those who would like to see Forsberg return next year (I'm one of them). The most important part, to me, is not that the doctor is encouraged but that Forsberg seems to be working hard to find out if he can be fixed. The MSM guys had Forsberg limping off into the sunset after the Detroit series ended, and yet less than a week later he was seeing a foot doctor. I think it's clear he'd like to return if his body will let him.