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Galiardi Signs, Coach Search Continues

Two bits of info today:

The Avalanche announced the signing of forward prospect TJ Galiardi to a new contract (really, the Avs need two TJs?), but, as MHH member Jori reports at Avs Prospects, the press release comes nearly two weeks after he actually signed.  Maybe it just got lost in the shuffle with all this coaching vacancy business.

Speaking of coaching vacancies, Adrian Dater has weighed in on the feedback he received regarding Patrick Roy's possible appearance as the top dog behind the Colorado bench.  His verdict on whether or not it's a good idea is a resounding "maybe."

Patrick Roy is also a very high-profile, opinionated man. That doesn’t quite fit the Avs’ M.O. for coaches. But the reason why I think he does and should have a shot at getting the job is he’s paid some dues already in Quebec, he only cares about one thing - winning - and knows the organization’s blueprint on how things are done.

But has he paid enough dues? Maybe not. The new trend seems to be that coaches have to go through the minor-pro ranks some first before getting an NHL shot. Roy has coached junior hockey - and that is still the primary feeder system to the NHL - but the differences to the AHL and other minor-pro leagues are that you’re basically coaching boys in junior and men everywhere else.

As for who will really be the top tier targets of GM Francois Giguere in his search, Dater thinks the high profile names like Pat Burns and Ron Wilson will be passed over for guys with nice, if less impressive, resumes:

Todd McLellan and Kevin Dineen? They both have built up some good coaching resumes, and my hunch says it’s going to come down to a guy like that who gets the Avs’ job, if not those two specifically.

But, as always, the Avalanche media clampdown is in full effect and nobody will probably have any real idea who the new coach will be until Giguere and company get around to announcing it.  Which could be two weeks after the new coach signs a contract.