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Nope, I'm not leaving. Just clearing out some of the backlog of stats I've got here while working on this year's final grades (those start next week, by the way).

So, here's the monthly splits for the skaters throughout the season.








Some of the stuff that jumps out - Stastny, not surprisingly, was our leading point guy in October, November, December and March - essentially, every month he was healthy. And Svatos was the leading goal scorer (or tied for the lead) in three different months. Would it be crazy to ask to see them paired together more often? For the record, the two played together 9 times, and Svatos had a goal in 6 of those 9 games. In February, the month were Stastny, Sakic, Smyth and Clark all missed significant time, the leading goal scorers were TJ Hensick and Ben Guite. Hensick's 5 goals in February came in a 3-game span, but the outburst wasn't enough to keep him on the ice - he was demoted in late-February. It's also interesting that Scott Hannan was -7 in October and -6 in November, but then was +8 the rest of the way. That still left him at -5 on the season, worst among our defensemen. Kurt Sauer, on the other hand, was not a minus player in any month. After the 2nd game of the season he was a -1. The next game he moved up to +1 and then was a positive player the rest of the year. No player was in the top 5 in scoring in every month.

More to come...

EDIT: There's a bit of a caveat about the stats in that I hand-enter them into excel, which means there's some room for error. I've checked over all the totals for goals, assists, points, +/- and TOI and they all appear to be correct. I did find some discrepancies in the secondary stats - shots, hits, faceoffs, etc. Nothing seemed to be off enough to go back through and try to dig out the errors - we're talking season totals off by 1 or 2. So, take the numbers for what they are - a good overall view but not a 100% accurate one. Please, as always, no wagering.