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Woody Paige Not A Man Of The People

Because we're Avalanche fans, we're forced to call the sports reporters and columnists at the Denver Post (Adrian Dater, Mike Chambers, Terry Frei, Mark Kiszla and Woody Paige) our reporters and columnists.  Whether or not we agree with them all the time (or ever), they're part of the home team, so to speak.

In the case of Woody Paige, that means we spend most of our time rolling our eyes and being embarrassed by him.  He writes a lot of ridiculous, juvenile, not-as-funny-as-he-thinks stuff, and then makes a fool of himself daily on the ESPN argument show Around The Horn.  He builds his puff piece columns around horrendous one-liners (like "Foppa wasn't some faux pas") and more or less dumbs down everything he talks about.

But, because he's a Denver columnist and he writes about the Avalanche, he's ours.  Kind of.  That means that we might care about how other people, those who mostly know him from his "work" on ESPN rather than his columns about the Avalanche, perceive him.

Do they approve?

Well, sadly for Woody, the people don't seem to be big fans.  As of right now, he's got a 77% disapproval rating at Deadspin, and I imagine it will only get worse as the day goes on.  But lucky for him, ESPN doesn't care who their viewers like to watch, they only like big personalities that dominate discussion and wow us with their "edginess."  

Consider me continuously wowed by Woody Paige's continued existence in the mainstream media.