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Granato Named Heach Coach

I shit you not.

More to come after I stop the bleeding from banging my head against the wall. OK, I think I managed to cauterize the wound with a ham and cheese Hot Pocket.


  • MHH stalwart and insightful thedoctor posted a diary FanPost a scant few hours ago talking about this rumor.
  • Jibbles launched into a profanity-laced tirade.  I feel you brother.  However, you should have gotten on the Batphone ASAP.  Send up smoke signals or something.  I feel bushwacked.  I have no idea where Joe is today.
  • DD has the news up too. He's somewhat non-committal, but ... meh, what are you going to do?
  • The news made Skeletor cry too.  Anybody think this is a good thing yet?
  • Puck Daddy (aka Greggy W) has weighed in.

As I told the Mrs., apparantly embracing mediocrity wasn't enough, they want to french-kiss it into submission.  Don't make them touch !!??!!


  • As Jibbles so eloquently pointed out, Dater has weighed in .  He suggests some trickeration on the part of Pierre Lacroix. 

Me? I think that management's suggestion box for fixing any problems hasn't been updated since 2004.


  • I just had another thought.  Why announce this now?  Do the Beige Wings not have enough good news this week?
  • And another thing, StructuralPoke (aka ChrisSnider) sat through an entire lunch break with me and DIDN'T SAY A WORD! His friend status is currently under review...