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2008 Final Grade: Johnny Boychuk

2008 Final Grade: N/A

2007 Grade: INC


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2008 ITCS (aka highly unofficial) Boychuk game log

Season Stats: 4gp 0g 0a 0pt +1

Minutes: 35.8 (11th), EV 7:55, PP 1:02, PK 0:00, ATOI 8:57

1st Half: 1gp 0g 0a 0pt E

2nd Half: 3gp 0g 0a 0pt +1

Best Month: January (4gp 0g 0a 0pt +1)

Linemates: Hannan (2gp) on defense. Boychuk also played two games at forward.

Season: Boychuk, a 2nd round pick in 2002, got his first taste of NHL action this year with his 4-game stint in January. And with those 4 games, he's now played more than other player the Avalanche drafted that year other than Tom Gilbert.

Report: With just four games to evaluate, there's not much I can report, especially considering two of those games were at forward.

Fast Fact: Over the last 7 seasons, Boychuk has played for 7 different teams (Calgary Hitmen, Moose Jaw Warriors, Hershey Bears, Lowell Lock Monsters, Albany River Rats, Lake Erie Monsters and the Avalanche).

2007-2008 Salary (and Cap Number): $475,000 ($475,000)

2008-2009 Status: RFA

Outlook: Boychuk is a restricted free agent this summer. I expect Boychuk to be back next year with the organization. How much time (if any) he spends with the Avs next year will depend on other factors (injuries, for example). Boychuk has seemingly been around forever and no longer has that new car smell, but he's still just 24. Brett Clark had his breakout year at the age of 29 and Finger is 28, and the organization is not exactly teeming with prospects at this position, so I think Boychuk will be given plenty of time to develop.