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Penguins Remain Undefeated

At Mellon Arena.  Since February.


After taking the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals off, the Pittsburgh Penguins finally got their act together and showed the world that they can indeed play hockey with the Red Wings.  And beat them 3-2.

Sidney Crosby led the charge with two goals and Marian Hossa had two assists.  Evgeni Malkin was still a no-show on the scoreboard but he played harder and looked much more confident on the ice than in the previous two games.

Johan Franzen made the Penguins defense look ridiculous when he scored a goal on a second period power play, but the Wings couldn't catch up and didn't dominate the ice like before.  Darn.

Marc-Andre Fleury significantly out-performed Chris Osgood, who stopped 21 of 24 shots compared to Fleury's 32 saves on 34 shots.  Oh, and Osgood is still a diving liar.

In other important news, Pensburgh hit nearly 400 comments on their game thread last night, which included an impressive showing from MHH members and some ridiculousness from a Wangs fan or two.  But of course.  FrankD is far more patient than I, it must be said.  I would have been wielding the ban stick like Thor's hammer.  That's how the Net Nanny rolls.

Game 4 is Saturday in Pittsburgh.  Seriously, two nights off and no travel in between?  Who makes these playoff schedules? 

Pens in 6.