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But What About The Players?

While I've been focused this week on the Avalanche coaching situation, Draft Dodger over at In The Cheap Seats has been analyzing the free agency concerns facing each of the three player positions.  What do the Avs do if Jose Theodore takes off?  What about the limitations of Jeff Finger and Kurt Sauer?  Should Colorado go after Brian Rolston?  All these questions and more are pondered:


Worth noting in the comments section of the post on forwards is the brief discussion about possible captaincy replacements for Joe Sakic should he retire this summer (god help us all).  My vote: a year (of mourning) with three alternates and no captain, and then Adam Foote if he's still around in 2009-10.

UPDATE: And please, before you waste your time trying to argue about whether or not Joe Sakic is a good leader (seriously, Thomas, please), remember that none of us has ever been in the locker room, on the team, to experience his impact as a captain.  If you're not convinced by the fact that he's been a team captain for more than a decade and has never had a negative thing said about his leadership ability by anyone who has played with him (Mark Messier can't say that), then nothing will convince you.  But please, don't argue about it.  It's wearing me out.

I will close the comments off completely because the Net Nanny has a short leash.

UPDATE 2: Comments closed.  Don't try to take the argument to other posts, either.