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Giguere Flies To Worlds, Maybe To Woo Burns

And no, I didn't say "Boo-urns."

This little bit from Rick Sadowski over at the RMN wasn't posted until late yesterday afternoon so I didn't get a chance to link to it, but it's definitely becoming more clear that Avalanche general manager Francois Giguere is shopping his options.  Or shoptions, if you will.

I spoke with Giguere the day after the season ended and, except for saying that he'd welcome Joe Sakic back "with open arms," wouldn't comment specifically about any player or coach.

Frankly, I didn't get the feeling that he was too enthusiastic about Quenneville.


Seems to me, if Giguere wanted Quenneville back, a new deal would already have been struck. And if Quenneville wanted out -- I don't really think this is the case -- it would have made sense for the two sides to make some kind of mutual announcement.

That hasn't happened, obviously, and now Giguere is heading to eastern Canada to check out the World Hockey Championship tournament.

Who's also in eastern Canada at the World Hockey Championship tournament?  The sexiest of all the potential coaching prospects in the NHL: Pat Burns.  

Now, Giguere could just be flying out there because he loves hockey and wants to catch a few games---or check out all the undiscovered talent on the Latvian team.  But you have to assume he's scouting unemployed head coaches, and Burns has to be up there on his list.

Are we all on the edges of our seats yet?