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They'll Be Back


Adrian Dater reports today that Jose Theodore is nearing a deal with the Colorado Avalanche to come back and be their number one goalie.  At least, that's what might happen, it seems, maybe.

Theodore will meet with Meehan today at the agent's Mississauga, Ontario, office to discuss what Meehan said was a contract offer by the Avalanche.

"After that, I'll be getting back to the Colorado people shortly," Meehan said.

Dater mentions this, but it really can't be said enough: there's really nobody else around to take Theodore's spot except for Budaj.  The free agency market has only one really good goalie in Ray Emery, but he's such a timebomb in the locker room that he'll be fielding only a few offers in the summer.  While I'm all for a Peter Budaj reign in Denver, bringing Theo back wouldn't be the end of the world.  He showed a ton of improvement this season.  Besides, if he melts down again, Budaj is there to take over and he's more than capable, even though nobody in the press ever really seemed to notice.

Also supposedly being offered a new contract: Jeff Finger.

Now, as for Joe Sakic, Dater also mentions him in the piece linked above.  Super Joe is on a super vacation but he's supposedly going to announce his decision by the end of this week.  Now, don't put money on this, but I'm convinced he'll be back for another run.  He's been quiet about it, and that's made the Avalanche a bit nervous, but when has Joe Sakic ever not been quiet?  He'll be back.

Finally, one player who apparently won't be back is Andrew Brunette, but that's not for sure, either.  I'd like to see Bruno hang around, but I can understand why his age and his lack of speed (and the potential for him to make decent  money elsewhere) would make a return to Colorado unlikely.  I guess that means Adam Foote and Ian Laperriere will be alternate captains next season.