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Article I Can't Read: Colorado Signs Swedish Bad Boy


Who is Per Ledin?  Apparently, he's a Swedish hockey player who, according to every single thing I've read about him in the last two and a half minutes, is an "agitator."  I wonder how much agitating one can do in the National Hockey League if one only speaks Swedish.

Cue the Swedish Chef jokes.  Du Bork Bork.

This is all over the HF Boards and the Avs forum right now, so I had to jump on.  Word is that Ledin has signed a $600,000, one-year, one-way contract with the Avs.  One-way means he won't be playing in the minors, kiddos.

According to the article:

Per Ledin, 29, är framme vid målet – en plats i NHL.

Nästa säsong spelar han för Peter Forsbergs klubb Colorado.

Ledin tog sitt andra SM-guld i våras med HV 71. Hans framfart i slutspelet gav eko till förbundskapten Bengt-Åke Gustafsson som tog med grovjobbare Ledin till VM i Kanada.

I can discern a couple of things.  First, Colorado is Peter Forsberg's club, and second, Per Ledin is 29 years old.  See, I'm obviously bilingual.  I better renegotiate my salary since I'm now pretty much qualified to be the US ambassador to Sweden.

At any rate, I'm treating this news with some serious skepticism, especially since Per Ledin is apparently one of the guys in this photo.  Not that there's anything wrong with that...

(Hat tip to Americanario)