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The Avs sign yet another guy I've never heard of

Props to some HF poster for breaking this one. The Avs have apparently signed forward Per Ledin. I've never heard of him, of course (I'd never heard of Marty Sertich either, so that doesn't mean much). This page lists Ledin as 6'0" and 194 lbs, and describes him as more of an agitator than skilled player (Ville Nieminen immediately comes to mind). That makes me excited if not a little confused. How many 4th liners do we need?

A very aggressive forward. Ledin works extremely hard, plays with plenty of grit and intensity and is good at shutting down the top players on the opposing team. Hockey sense is somewhat limited and offense only decent. A team player and an agitator that always gives his best, but sometimes takes foolish penalties.

The article says Ledin had a clause in his current contract that allowed him to sign an NHL deal by June 15th and, it appears he has (the article also mentions more than once that the Avs are Peter Forsberg's club - those Swedes love their native born players). Ledin's contract is said to be a 1-year and worth 3.6 million kroner - or about $600,000 US.