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Say...Something, Joe

Still no word from Joe Sakic on a return to the Avalanche (or retirement), despite Dater saying last Monday that:

Avalanche captain Joe Sakic is out of town with his family, still pondering whether to return for a 20th NHL season. He is likely to announce his decision before the end of the week.

But no word, at least not publicly.  One might assume that Sakic shared his decision with the Avalanche last week and they are now working out a new contract for him, but I have no real clue.  Or pants.

Consider this a "Joe Sakic Rampant Speculation Thread," and let's hear your best explanations for the delay of his epic decision.

UPDATE (June 17): According to Dater, Sakic's decision is "on hold," and he has spoken neither to the team nor his agent.  With the draft this weekend (the Avs get the sexy 50th pick, their first of the draft) and free agency beginning on July 1st, Sakic's stalling probably isn't helping anybody.  I guess that's just another sign that he's a terrible leader...