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2008 Final Grade: Paul Stastny

2008 Final Grade: A

2007 Grade: A


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2007 report

2008 ITCS (aka highly unofficial) Stastny game log

Season Stats: 66gp 24g 47a 71pt +22

Minutes: 1,391.4 (2nd), EV 14:48, PP 4:12, PK 2:05, ATOI 21:05

1st Half: 41gp 15g 29a 44pt +9

2nd Half: 25gp 9g 18a 27pt +13

Playoffs: 9gp 2g 1a 3pt -1

Best Month: March (14gp 4g 13a 17pt +9)

Positions: C (66)

Lines: 1st (35), 2nd (31)

Linemates: Stastny season log

LW: Smyth (29), Wolski (19), Hlinka (9), Brunette (6), Forsberg (3)

RW: Hejduk (51), Svatos (8), Brunette (7),

Season: Stastny was just 7 points away from reaching the 78-point mark of his rookie season. Had he not missed 16 games (appendectomy / groin), he most certainly would have topped that. He did set a high for +/-, with 22.

Report: Do I need to get too deep here? Despite missing 16 games, Stastny led the team in just about every category. He led the team in even strength scoring (49 points), +/- (+22) and power play scoring (21 points). He was also tops in the faceoff circle (51%) - an area he has improved substantially in. Stastically he was the best forward on the PK and he's certainly one of the best defenders on the team. He's not big or fast and doesn't possess a blistering shot but he simply got the job done like no one else this year. And he does it all with that "aw, shucks" gap-toothed smile. He'll be the captain someday. His one negative would be a slow start in the playoffs, but that experience should only help him down the road.

Fast Fact: Stastny's has yet to go more than 5 consecutive games without a point.

2007-2008 Salary (and Cap Number): $685,000 ($850,000)

2008-2009 Status: Stastny is signed through the end of the upcoming season. However, the Avalanche will be giving him a very fat extension this summer. This is not open for debate.

Outlook: As much as we're focused on Sakic, Forsberg and Foote this summer, this is Stastny's team now...hopefully, for a long, long time.