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Brad Richardson heads west

The Avalanche had another relatively quiet draft weekend (check with Jori for all the details on the draftees). GM Francois Giguere made one notable deal, sending forward Brad Richardson to the Kings for a 2nd round pick.

I like Richie. Like most everyone else, I don't think he was used properly by Joel Quenneville. I thought there might be a chance for career revival under Tony Granato, but I guess that wasn't in the cards. Frankly, the Avalanche have too many established forwards and enough developing forwards to make Richardson expendable. And to get a 2nd round pick for him? Yeah, sign me up for that one. I'll miss him, but that's a good trade for the Avs. It's a good trade for Richie too - as long as Joel Quenneville doesn't become the coach in LA, Richardson should get some good chances to fill into his 40-point potential.